Onsite Drug and Alcohol Testing

We offer services in drug and alcohol testing for company employees


Under the duty-of-care provisions in the OHS Act, employers have a legal responsibility in addressing alcohol and other drug issues in the workplace.

One individual impacted by the effects of these substances may cause harm to not only themselves, but to others. Employers have the obligation to ensure the health and safety of all on their premises, which is why PMCA is here to help.

Here’s what we can do:

Saliva testing

  • A mouth swab test; the easiest and least invasive type of drug testing

Urine testing

  • A common type of test often used for pre-employment screening

Situations for testing

  • Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing
  • Suspicion drug and alcohol testing
  • Incident drug and alcohol testing
  • Random drug and alcohol testing

The benefits of alcohol/drug testing:


  • Reductions in faulty products/services
  • Fewer workers compensation claims
  • Less costs associated with new recruitment
  • Decrease in health, property and liability insurance expenses

Work Safety Enhanced

  • Employees will have the assistance in overcoming (or adjusting) their usage of the specific substance/s
  • Workforce morale boost
  • Less accidents and disciplinary actions

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