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Eighteen leading organisations from a range of sectors across Geelong have today committed to take action to enhance the financial resilience and wellbeing of their community.

Stakeholders from local businesses, not-for-profits, local government, and government agencies have pledged to use their collective influence through the creation of a shared Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP).

Good Shepherd CEO Stella Avramopoulos said that with the rising cost of fuel, food, and energy prices, it was great to see 18 Geelong-based organisations commit to ensuring individuals and families are financially safe, well, strong and connected.

“These community organisations have the power to set the tone for the community when it comes to the importance of financial wellbeing,” said Ms Avramopoulos.

“That is why it is so important they help create supports and services for people at risk of financial hardship.”

This is the second phase of FIAP, which was initially launched in 2020 with 10 pioneering organisations in Geelong and featured several measurable actions for their clients, employees, students, and partners.

The Foundation FIAP demonstrated the power of some of Geelong’s prominent leaders coming together to better support their communities through financial vulnerability.

Since launching in February 2020, FIAP has driven change by taking practical actions. FIAP member Deakin University provided $6.7 million in financial assistance to students experiencing financial hardship following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Executive Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Mel Martinelli said that: “Deakin is committed to continuing to build the financial resilience and capacity of our students and use our position of leadership in the Geelong community to promote financial inclusion through our membership of FIAP helping to build a more prosperous and equitable community.”

To track the progress of these actions, the FIAP partners will continue to engage through a quarterly Community of Practice over the next 12 months and share learnings with the other members.

“We are committed to building great relationships with our partners to achieve safe, empowered and connected communities. The launch of FIAP in Geelong with 18 leading organisations is a great example of what can be achieved when we work together to enhance financial wellbeing in Australia,” said Ms Avramopoulos.

Geelong FIAP members include:

About the FIAP Program
The Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) Program is an innovative program that enables organisations across diverse sectors to combine forces to enhance financial inclusion, resilience, and wellbeing in Australia.

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