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Our priorities for the 2022-23 Federal Budget

Good Shepherd is pleased to present its priorities for the 2022-23 Federal Budget. This year’s budget must be a gender equality budget. Gendered violence and women’s economic inequity have intensified over the past few years, and Australians have made it clear that it’s time to act.

Acting on gender equality means supporting women and families to be safe, strong and well. It’s also about nation-building: investments in women’s jobs, small businesses, housing and financial wellbeing set women and families up for prosperous futures and strengthen the entire community.

The Australian Government can make a real difference for women and families by:

  • Enabling more women to recover from economic abuse by building new referral pathways to the innovative Good Shepherd/CommBank Financial Independence Hub
  • Delivering quality job support services tailored to women
  • Funding a women’s small business kickstart & recovery program
  • Promoting and funding economic safety measures in the National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 2022-2032
  • Supporting safe use of ‘buy now pay later’ products
  • Using Commonwealth Rent Assistance to build women’s housing security

Additional priorities are outlined in our submission below.

Download our submission to the Federal Government on budget priorities for 2022-23