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In August 2018, coinciding with Wear It Purple Day, Good Shepherd along with nine other faith-based organisations made a public pledge to welcome LGBTIQA+ people at our services and to provide them with inclusive and safe services. Since that commitment, we have been working tirelessly with our LGBTIQA+ employees, allies and with sector partners to strengthen our practice with respect to LGBTIQA+ people.

Our LGBTIQA+ Inclusive Practice and Data Collection Guide is one of the resources we have developed on this continuing journey. This Guide details Good Shepherd’s position on data collection with respect to LGBTIQA+ people, as clients and employees, and articulates the expectations of our workforce when working with members of the LGBTIQA+ community.

With guidance and advice from Rainbow Health Victoria and Dr Philomena Horsley, this Guide sets out principles of LGBTIQA+ inclusive service delivery and provides sample scripts to support capacity building of our workforce. The Guide also provides direction on the types of questions that we need to be asking our clients and employees, giving them the opportunity to identify themselves more accurately, and in turn making them visible to us as a service delivery organisation and an employer.

Download the LGBTIQA+ Inclusive Practice and Data Collection Guide