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At Good Shepherd we believe in the value of all young people. But sometimes, young people need extra support especially when faced with barriers that prevent them from opportunities and a chance to thrive.

Barriers may include:
● mental health
● social conflict, eg bullying, technology, mistrust of authority
● challenges maintaining engagement in school and education
● family violence
● trauma
● young parenthood
● disadvantage

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How we support the Youth?

We support young people and their unique issues with a personalised approach and through our strong relationships with our local partners.

Our programs help to increase opportunities and allow young people to realise their own value.

Good Shepherd services include education, wellbeing programs and specialist counselling services. We work with community agencies, schools and parents to improve the outcomes and the wellbeing of young people.

Here are some ways we can help

Integrated Family Services Program Brimbank-Melton VIC

Integrated Family Services Program Brimbank-Melton VIC

The Brimbank-Melton Integrated Family Services Program helps parents and carers to increase their parenting choices and the outcomes in their family life.
Youth Homelessness Service VIC

Youth Homelessness Service VIC

Good Shepherd provides general support, information and case management to young people (16-24 years) experiencing or at risk of homelessness.
Waranara School

Waranara School

Waranara School is a special assistance co-educational school for students in Yr.9-12. Waranara assists young people experiencing trauma or school refusal to stay connected and complete their high school education.


RISE works with children and young people (10-15 years old) and their families who may be facing challenges that are impacting on the child’s education, safety, health and wellbeing.
School Focused Youth Service VIC

School Focused Youth Service VIC

An early identification and intervention program available to primary and secondary students in the Brimbank region.